Wing Chun Kung Fu

Looking for a powerful martial art that's easy to use? Since wing chun uses minimal deflection against strikes it is possible for a wing chun practitioner to disable a larger and stronger opponent maximizing their speed and interruptibility, also making wing chun easy on the practitioner's joints and body. Wing chun uses science, basing its techniques on leverage, economical movement, balance breaking, manipulating body mechanics, and principles of physics.

Childrens classes

Would you like your child to improve their focus, discipline, respect and listening? Are you looking to improve their confidence, coordination, ability to defend themselves, or just for a fun activity? The skills they acquire in our program will help them reach their goals at school and later in the workforce. We invite parents to bring along their children to try out a free class and start benefiting. For more information on childrens classes times call us today!

Womens and mens classes

With the stressful, hectic pace of life these days training wing chun is a great way to keep you focused, relieve stress, maintain a healthy body, and have peace of mind that you can protect yourself and your family. Increase your speed, power, reflexes and feel safe on the street.'Through discipline you create good habits in your life and a humble spirit. Practicing wing chun empowers people and helps them attain greater wholeness.' We believe our adult's Kung Fu class is the best on the peninsula, to find out for yourself call today for a free trial! You can also find out more on our mens' class times and womens' class times.

Peninsula Kung Fu, Mornington academy

Wing Chun Universe Family

Master Joe Sayah has over 25 years of teaching experience and is the founder of Wing Chun Universe in Australia, the US, and Canada. He has taught wing chun and weapons deployment to the armed forces, Navy SEALs, and the CIA. He is also an actor and fight coordinator who has worked with Jackie Chan and Jet Li among others.

Wing Chun Universe philosophy

Drawing of IP Man

We believe the responsibility of every martial artist is to protect and serve others. We aim to heighten your physical, mental and spiritual awareness; the elements that transcend you to a higher level of life.

When you know how to protect yourself, you have no fear, by dispelling arrogance and humbling yourself it's no longer necessary to prove yourself in any form of martial art.