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Ladies classes

Peninsula Kung Fu Men training

The self defense techniques taught at Mornington Peninsula Wing Chun are simple and effective and our co-ed classes ensure women have the opportunity to practice defending themselves against larger attackers.

Our academy is one of the few places in Australia where you can be trained by a female instructor, Sifu Mandy Sayah. Our academy not only has women in mind but Wing Chun itself is the only style in the world developed by a woman! Wing Chun is a soft style, relying on deflection and strategy rather than strength to disable attackers.

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Kids classes

Peninsula Kung Fu Women training

Mornington Peninsula kids classes are for children 6-13 years old. Our simple and fun kids programs are specially designed to improve your child's focus, concentration, coordination, reflexes, self-confidence, discipline, respect for self and others, and ability to defend themselves when necessary. These skills will benefit them, at school and at home, for the rest of their lives. We welcome parents to bring along their children to try out a free class and start benefiting today!

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Mens classes

Peninsula Kung Fu Kids training

Our men's classes are co-ed for people of all ages, fitness and skill levels. We have separate classes for advanced level practitioners and also mixed classes for beginners to advanced.

Wing Chun Kung Fu isn't just kicking and punching, there's a spiritual aspect to training. Through discipline you create good habits in your life and a humble spirit. The training to become a powerful fighter transcends the physical aspect carrying over to make one a powerful individual spiritually and mentally as well.

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Class types

Reflex Classes Our reflex classes are designed to increase a student's reaction time while helping them to apply Wing Chun techniques quickly and correctly.
Chi Sao Classes Chi sao (or sticky hands) is a type of training that develops contact reflexes that increases the speed of overall reflexes. Chi sao teaches how to interpret energy that an opponent applies and to deflect and counter attack from very close range. Students begin training chi sao after they've graded for their medium blue sash.
Cardio Kung Fu Classes If it's fitness or better health you're after, the cardio workout promotes heart health, muscle and bone health, and increased flexibility and range of motion. If your size has a negative impact on your confidence or self-esteem then this class is a great way to burn calories, lose weight, and tone up.
Little Dragons Classes These classes are for children 3 to 5 years old. Our program is designed to improve your child's focus, discipline, coordination, confidence, and respect.
Sparring Classes Sparring classes teach you to deal with combat stress (i.e. mental pressure or anxiety in a fighting situation). Most students begin sparring once they've graded for their medium blue sash since by that time they've acquired techniques into their muscle memory that will come out as reflex against a fast stimulus like a punch or kick.
Nunchakus Nunchakus are a weapon made of two hardwood sticks joined together by a short chain or rope. We train a variety of striking and blocking combinations with nunchakus.
Butterfly swords and dragon pole Butterfly swords and dragon pole are traditional weapons from the wing chun system which are taught to advanced level practitioners.
Knife Disarmament A knife was the most common type of weapon used in committing offences of murder, attempted murder, and robbery according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Since more homicide victims die from stab wounds than from any other single cause of death in Victoria it makes sense to spend some time defending against knives and practicing disarmament.